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Elevate accuracy with expert minute taking companies.

Elevate accuracy with expert minute taking companies. Comprehensive board meeting minutes by a top note-taking company. We provide prompt, accurate, and objective meeting minutes so you can focus on what you do best.

What differentiates Minutes Solutions from other minute taking companies?

Minutes Solutions sets itself apart from other minute taking companies with our large team of over 140 rigorously trained minute takers and editors that set the industry standard for quality and precision. Our hallmark is our steadfast commitment to confidentiality, ensuring client trust in the secure handling of sensitive meeting details. We don’t just lead; we define excellence in minute taking, as evidenced by our client feedback and consistent patronage.

Do you offer in-person minute taking?

We offer in-person minute taking services in select locations. We also frequently send minute takers to various locations across North America and overseas to attend our clients’ important meetings in-person. If you require an in-person minute taker for your meeting or event, please contact us today and we will provide a free quote.

The Minutes Solutions Advantage


Privacy is our top priority. Your information always remains private and secure. All our staff operate under strict non-disclosure agreements. We specialize in confidential board meeting minutes.

No, we offer unlimited secure storage at no additional cost. No more trying to hunt down previous board meeting minutes when you experience staff or management turnover. We’ll always have the files you need.

First-Class Minute Takers

Our minute takers are all based in Canada or the United States and undergo stringent screening, testing, and training to ensure we maintain the highest standards in the industry.


Timeliness is crucial and allows action items to be completed quickly. We operate on firm deadlines, which can be expedited upon request.

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