What is Aeromexico Airlines Baggage Policy?

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Check the key highlights of the Aeromexico Airlines Baggage Policy and pack your stuff accordingly. Find out the details here.

Check the key highlights of the Aeromexico Airlines Baggage Policy and pack your stuff accordingly. Find out the details here.

Aeromexico Airlines is well-regarded for its generous baggage policy. It allows passengers to bring their stuff on board without breaking the bank. Also, passengers can easily add bags to their bookings and fly hassle-free. 

New to Aeromexico and wondering how to start packing your essentials? Continue scrolling the page and find all the tidbits about Aeromexico Airlines Baggage Policy here. We have compiled all the information about carry-on and checked baggage allowance to avoid any surprises at the airport. Let’s have a closer look. 

What is Aeromexico Airlines Carry-On Baggage Policy?

Passengers can bring one carry-on and one personal item when flying with Aeromexico Airlines. Note that if your cabin or personal item doesn’t meet the maximum allowed dimensions, they will be considered as check-in or excess baggage, and you have to pay an additional fee for the same. 

Here are the key details. 

  • The maximum dimensions of carry-on baggage, including wheels and handles, are 55cm X 40cm X 25cm. 

  • Besides, passengers can bring one personal item and store them under the seat in front of them.

  • According to the Aeromexico Airlines Carry On Baggage Policy   you can bring the following things as personal items.

  • unchecked


  • unchecked


  • unchecked


  • unchecked

    Fanny Packs

  • unchecked

    Jackets or Raincoats

  • unchecked


  • unchecked

    Baggage containing items in the duty-free area

  • unchecked

    Cameras and Headphones

Restricted items in carry-on baggage

The following items are not allowed to be carried in the flight cabin. Please check the list to avoid any surprises later on.

  • Macbook Pro

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7

  • Electric and gas lighters

  • Smart bags

  • Liquid battery-powered wheelchairs

What is Aeromexico Airlines Checked Baggage Policy?

Do you want to carry extra stuff when flying with Aeromexico? Read the airline’s checked baggage policy and add additional bags to your itinerary. Scroll down and have a closer look.

  • The checked baggage allowance simply depends on your fare type and flight route.

  • The maximum surface area for each piece of the checked baggage must not exceed 158cm. 

  • Some Aeromexico fares may include a piece weighing up to 25kg on domestic flights.

  • Passengers can add additional pieces using the Manage Booking tool. 

  • No bags are included in Basic, Classic, and Flexible Fares; However, you can add baggage by paying the Aeromexico Airlines checked baggage fee.

How to Add Bags to your Aeromexico Bookings?

Flying with a Basic fare and want to add baggage to your bookings? Go to the Aeromexico My Trip option and add as many bags as you want in a few simple clicks. Here are the steps to follow. 

  • Visit the airline’s official site. 

  • Head to the My Trips section.

  • Access your trip using your Ticket Number and Last Name.

  • Select “Add Bags” and add the number of bags you want to add to your bookings.

  • Be mindful that you have to pay for each bag.

  • Select your preferred mode of payment to finish bookings. 

Besides offering the general carry-on and checked baggage policy, Aeromexico offers different allowances for travelers with infants. Such passengers can bring a stroller and travel bassinet on domestic flights and another piece of luggage (not exceeding 23kg and 45 inches) on international flights.