Hello everyone, it's Monday The Weekly Hot Spot Day!
Today's episode: COCK RINGS!

Who doesn't love a ring? https://www.spreaker.com/episo....de/do-you-wear-a-coc

Do you wear a cock ring? This podcast is for you.

Do you wear a cock ring? This podcast is for you.

What are cock rings? Okay, if you’re a fan of this podcast, chances are you know what a cock ring i

Here is a naughty game I'm playing on the twitx machine and enchantrix!

What's behind the flame!? (wrong answers only!)


Hello Kinky Krew!

Don't forget tonight is Kink Triva night at the Empire! Join (it's free) as a guest and participate! There are some great prizes that include FREE phone sex Minutes!



A good Monday it is! Since it's after 1pm, it's time to talk KINK!

Check out this week's episode of The Weekly Hot Spot Podcast!

Are you looking for a #strict #mistress?



Hello Fans of the Empire! So many great things happening this month!

➡️As you may know I'm Mistress Of the Month , you receive five free with your paid session
➡️I am hosting a free chat at Communitykink.com Friday March 15, come say hi meet me and some of my Mistress Friends

➡️We are also having a special trivia night, prizes WILL be awarded

➡️Every 30-minute call gets entered into a drawing to WIN 30!

➡️We also have another #cockjock joining the ranks Mistress Becky with Kinkology!

comment below , hit me up in PM or email me for details! Conditions apply!


This group is for fans of, or curious about the ladies at Enchantrix Empire. We specialize in Distance Domination, kink play, and phone sex. It is my hope to create a community and conversation about the Distance Domination experience. What are your options, what type of play is possible? Lastly, to bring to light the talent of those who practice Erotic Arts at Enchantrix Empire (LDW)