Prohibited Content

Prohibited Content Policy

Your paid content can not contain any of the following. Even if you deliver content off of this site, PinXsters can not accept payment for any content that breaks the rules below.

No animal sexual activity - There cannot be any sexual activity or inappropriate conduct with animals AT ANY TIME. Please make sure there are no animals present in any of your content.

No asphyxiation or breath play.

No blood, real or simulated. No broken skin.

No branding or burning the skin.

No cannibalism AT ANY TIME in any content.

No consumption of drugs or alcohol. Smoking is permitted, as long as it is marked as tobacco.

No insect/animal crushing including any invertebrates - food/inanimate objects may be crushed AT ANY TIME.

No hate speech or inciting violence in any content. We will not tolerate this.

No horror/snuff - You cannot act out someone being killed or maimed. This will get you banned indefinately.

No sleeping or unconscious people.

No underage content, real or simulated: No talk of underage sex or encouragement of it.

No weapons of any kind, including the use of a knife as a prop or play instrument.

No incest - Roleplay is fine, but the people in the videos (all videos doing this must be clearly marked as role play) must not be actually related by blood or marriage.

No consensual-non-consent or "rape play," to include: No kidnapping or abduction play. No hypnosis.

No menstrual blood during intercourse. Menstruation on it's own is fine.

No necrophilia - You cannot have sex with or pretend to have sex with dead people. Breaking of this term, will earn you a life time ban.

No needle play or stapling.

No peeing on other people, no urine drinking.

No scat (feces) - There cannot be any feces or simulated feces in any clips, videos, or images.

Diaper content is allowed as long as it does not depict any fecal matter.