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Start date 02/24/24 - 20:00
End date 02/24/24 - 00:00
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    RSVP and on Fetlife at https://fetlife.com/events/1431603

    (Actually over at 2am, but don't want to make this look like a two day event)
    A Y2K Techno-Erotic Play Party
    Fuq If I Know invites you to enter the pleasure matrix where machines take control. ??️ Embrace the chaos of the Millennium Bug with an unapologetic celebration of kink and BDSM. Here your boundaries of pleasure and pain can be pushed to the limits in the ominous glow of the digital twilight. ??

    Which side are you on? ?The Machines? or ?The Human Race??

    We encourage attendees to dress in Cyberpunk Couture, Freedom Fighter Basics, Tron Light-Suits, Hack-A-Thon t-shirts, Leather, Latex, or nothing at all once you’re beyond the black curtain.

    Whether you're an experienced explorer of the darker Cyber realms or a curious newcomer, Ctrl+Alt+Kink promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of the Techno-Erotic. ???

    CBT AND IMPACT by Miss Dion
    Miss Dion is open to topping for penile urethral sounding and CBT, which really isn't torture now, is it? ? She also loves beating asses, backs, thighs, etc. to see the coloring change, welts, and patterns from the implements she uses. If you enjoy receiving pain that will sting your flesh, cause you to clench your muscles, weaken your knees, and bring tears to your eyes ... she's the one you want to bottom for. If you'd like her to beat you until you bleed ??, she's more than willing to do so with YOUR OWN toys.

    Contact her to begin negotiations BEFORE the event so she knows what pleasure chest to bring with her. Happy Hurting!

    IMPACT by Murci
    Murci's her name, and Fuckery's her game! A well versed impact, sensation, and knife top of over 10 years, she's bringing out her delightfully twisted menagerie, just for you~ With knives, boots, chains, floggers, paddles, and more, she'll be sure to carry your preferences! ⛓️?? If you've got a favorite, bring it along; variety is the spice of life, so they say. ?‍?

    From mild to wild play, and everywhere inbetween, let her tune her dials into you and leave you wanting more! Become a canvas for this artist of suffering amd delight. Because what's better than looking at pretty art? Being it~ ??️

    Inquire within for more details. See you all soon~

    NEEDLEPLAY by Sage
    Sage (They/He) is switchy sadomasochist who is known to enjoy the most fucked up of shit. ? He brings the blood?, sweat ?, tears ?, and laughter ? to the stab space. They've been throwing needles since 2016. He is open to all levels of experience and ideas. They care about everyone's safety, expect thorough negotiations and complete transparency.

    Pre-negotiated scenes will have priority so, if interested, please send a message before the event.

    VIOLET WAND by Article_XIX
    Article_XIX has been spotted at various venues in the DMV and beyond since 2007, and running live electricity into people is one of his favorite activities. A violet wand can be used to create a surprising variety of sensations, and he looks forward to introducing you to them. ??⚡️

    BOOTBLACKING by alt-sara
    Sara was introduced to the craft of Bootblacking when she met her husband’s 30-hole boots. She enjoys the smells, the texture, and the art of the process. From a kink perspective, she feels honored to service you and also takes pride in the work itself. She'll be happy to educate you on the process as she blacks. Tips are appreciated! ???